If I could have a wardrobe that consisted solely of vintage pieces, I’d be an extremely happy camper. There is something so satisfying about vintage clothing–the quality, the uniqueness, the bit of digging that is usually required to find what you want, and the fact that vintage clothing somehow gives any outfit an instant dash of je ne sais quoi. Luckily for me (and the entire internet-using world, for that matter), there is a plethora of awesome online vintage out there, from Ebay to Etsy and everything in-between. Here are my five picks for the best online spots to get yourself a wardrobe stuffed to the brim with vintage-y goodness.

1. Sisters of the Black Moon
If the bohemian rock ‘n roll vibe is your deal, look no further than Sisters of the Black Moon. This trio of black magic women have a knack for finding some of the best pieces from the 70’s that I have ever seen. And their photo editorials? Out of this world!
Current favorite: 1970’s Brown with Lace Cotton Maxi Dress

2. Closet Case Vintage
There is no doubt in my mind that Nashville-based Carmen Jaudon, owner of Closet Case Vintage, has an eye for old clothing. And talk about variety! Her store includes items that range from a drool-worthy 30’s lace organza wedding gown to 80’s concert t-shirts.
Current favorite: 1920’s Maroon Embroidered Dress

3. Sally Jane Vintage
Jennifer at Sally Jane Vintage always seems to find clothing that embodies a classic vibe. You can never go wrong with her selection, especially since she has partnered up with Smilin’ Gal Vintage, a Lancaster, PA fixture.
Current favorite: Knit Cardigan Dress

4. Little Orphan Fannie
Pretty is the name of the game at Little Orphan Fannie. For sweet 50’s dresses and a great selection of slip dresses, this is your one-stop shop for an overdose of feminine.
Current favorite: 1950’s Pink Lace Party Dress

5. Indiecult Vintage
The woman who runs Indiecult Vintage must have the midas touch. Her shop is consistently filled with amazing, on-trend vintage duds. Not only that, but her styling is impeccable, making everything in the online storefront even more desirable.
Current favorite: Black & White Sequined Jacket



  1. This trio of black magic women have a knack for finding some of the best pieces square lug pattern on the rubber sole will give you an icy sidewalk feel every time you use the design.

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