Ever wondered if you could try on that three-hundred-dollar pair of Jeffrey Campbells without hiking across the river and through the woods to the Cherry Hill Mall? Me too. Or maybe you’ve gone even further–to NYC–for your annual (or, ahem, multi-annual) shoe pilgrimage, only to discover that nothing fits?

Well, perhaps you weren’t aware of the existence of Bus Stop Boutique, living on Fabric Row, in Philly. After all, it’s pretty easy to miss to the untrained eye. Hint: Look out for the large white sign in the window that reads ‘Ello Philly. This boutique has just about every brand of internationally fabulous shoes any man or woman could want, including the aforementioned Jeffrey Campbell, United Nude, Pour la Victoire, Toms, Faryl Robin, and Coclilco, among many others. And it just keeps getting better: from now until this Friday, the 21st, Bus Stop is having a Major with a capital ‘M’ winter sale. I know life can be trying in this miserably slushy weather but I promise you this sale will be worth your SEPTA token.


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