Let’s face it, a lot of us have made our New Year’s “resolutions” to eat healthier and/or loose X amount of pounds, but the fact is, we are all feeling a little frumpy and bloated after all those exorbitant holiday meals and deserts. If this sounds a little something like you, have no fear, because the Skinny Shirt is now here!

Listen up, because we know this is the season of layering up; shirt upon shirt—or perhaps sweater upon sweater–which ultimately leaves you feeling bulky and looking like you wrapped yourself up in your bedroom comforter. Skinny Shirt is here to change all of that. This wonderful creation is thanks to the genius of Julie Kalimian and designer Alex Schuman, who have combined the form-fitting camisole with a collared shirt to make… THE SKINNY SHIRT. This top is guaranteed to hold you in, in all the right places, it won’t bunch underneath other shirts, and will assure that you appear put together instead of resembling a big, disheveled fabric monster. The Skinny Shirt comes in a variety of styles, from classic to maternity to teen. No matter which model you decide to go with, this should be your obvious foundation piece for all of your winter ensembles, and will surely get people wondering just what kind of New Year’s diet you’ve been up to.

The choice is yours whether to share your slimming secret or not, but I definitely recommend investing in a one, if not a few, of these babies—resolution or not.



  1. Thanks for reporting on this great wardrobe addition!

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