WANT WANT WANT. Those would be the first words that come to mind when I think of Céline‘s Original sunglasses ($340) designed by the Almighty One, aka Phoebe Philo, the industry’s current number one It Girl, hands down. Whether it be va-voom veterans like Claudia Schiffer or fashion’s newest and youngest darling, Carey Mulligan, the style world is seriously flipping its lid for these glasses–and I am right there with it, flip flopping away!

Pictured left: Carey Mulligan; right: Ashley Olsen

You know something’s gotta be good when, from the jump-start, even rich people are required to lay their name down on some fabled “list” (Where are these lists, anyway? Who’s in charge here?) so that they might then have the privilege to shell out well over three hundred bucks for an item en plastique. But, but, but…

But the whole Wayfarer-but-not-really-even-better-and-slightly-but-not-too-oversized aspect of these makes them well worth it, in my humble opinion. That and the fact that almost no one has them. Save these lucky celebrity gals. Ah, to live the good life with a personal stylist and her cushy connections! Now, about that list…


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