Image provided courtesy of the official Tron: Legacy website

Even though I saw TRON: Legacy over a month ago, I can’t help but continue to be inspired by the moody, futuristic vibe that characterized the film. (I also credit the film for sending me spiraling head first, once again, into a full-blown love affair with Daft Punk.) Now, as thrilling as it would be to dash around the city plastic-wrapped in slick black bodysuits (accented by strips of battery-powered LED lights) it may be wise to go along with something a little more practical (Read: an outfit that won’t accidentally induce your own electrocution during rain). Instead, here are two TRON: Legacy-inspired outfits to help catapult you into the dark, digital alternate universe of your dreams…

Silence & Noise Print Blocked Asymmetrical Tee, $42
Veda Maxine Leather Vest, $375
Black Milk New Liquids, $109
Sam Edelman Zoyla, $225
Hayden-Harnett TRON: Legacy Collaboration with Disney, Master Control Cuff, $110

American Apparel U-Neck Long Sleeve Mini-Dress, $38
Zana Bayne 2 Wing Harness, $165
Anna Sui Royal Blue Opaque Tights, $20
F Troupe Plastic Sneaker, $39
Hayden-Harnett TRON: Legacy Collaboration with Disney, Byte Carryall, $129



  1. Lord help me: I seriously want those flats. ❤

  2. dude, i didnt know hayden harnett collabed with disney for this. i thought they were going out of business.

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