Nevermind the fact that True Grit was nominated for nothing, there was indeed some justice served–at least in the fashion department—during last night’s annual Golden Globes ceremony. In sum, this is what you need to know: black is never out, pink is back, and Ricky Gervais has some balls. The latter aside, emerald hues also received some notable nods by nominees and presenters alike (Angelina Jolie, Elisabeth MossCatherine Zeta-Jones), mingling with hot ‘n honeysuckle pinks and a bounty of black swan booty during Sunday night’s red carpet.

Our best and worst? Why, we thought you’d never ask:


BEST: Olivia Wilde in Marchesa. Olivia was all the star in this rich chocolate brown gown with gold ombré patterned sequins–a mid-winter’s night dream! With mega volume and a hefty splash of sparkle, simple hair and jewels were the right way to go. Gorgeous. And, did ya see those killer heels? Gotta love Louboutin. Honorable mention: Emma Stone in Calvin Klein. The peachy color against her newly blonde locks and fair skin is a match made in heaven. And bonus points for going backless–with an updo!

WORST: Scarlett Johansson in Elie Saab: washed-out Bride of Frankenstein is all I can say. Scarlett, honey, you’re gorgeous–and single! Showcase that beautiful bod n’ façade and please don’t go out looking like the bust of a pirate ship, ever again. Honorable mention: Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ramona Kevezareally?! Another beautiful girl in the absolute wrong dress. It looks like she was wrapped in a bolt of fabric, slapped on a sparkly belt, and rode over with the windows down because her up-done hair was definitely coming undone.


BEST: This was hard. Carrie Underwood’s pageant hair made it a bit easier to narrow it all down to, essentially, Lea Michele and Angelina Jolie. Despite the fact that I have no clue who all these Glee people are (and there are like 50 of them), Michele’s event-worthy Oscar de la Renta gown got my attention–it’s truly show-stopping. But once again, the reigning queen of sexy chic shows the rookies how it’s really done in a Versace dress that made it look as if she was beamed down from a different galaxy. Honorable mention: Emma Stone, a masterpiece of minimalism. #CalvinKleintothamax. I love her as a blond, but I love her as a blond in that dress even more. Easy A indeed.

WORST: Michelle Williams. Even harder–I love me some Michelle Williams, but this borderline frumpy Valentino gown appears to be more Sunday picnic than Sunday night at the Golden Globes. Sorry, Michelle. Your impeccable grooming almost makes up for it—almost. Honorable mention: Scarlett Johansson. The critics are divided on ScarJo but sadly, this doesn’t work for me either. A bit too Country-Strong-Lingering-Leftovers for my taste. And not in the Kate Hudson 2000 Oscars good kind of way.

Photos courtesy of and Getty Images



  1. Natalie and Jean – Super job! I totally agree with both of you! Both of you have GREAT writing styles! It was a fun pleasure reading your reviews! 🙂 Keep up your wonderful work! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Cris! And you are one of our beloved loyal readers! xox.

  3. I think you ladies hit it on the nose. However, Miss Jean, I thought Michelle Williams looked absolutely stunning!!!

  4. Katie Donohue

    What about Anne Hathaway? I thought she was to die. Loving the structured shoulders that both she and Angelina rocked last night. I also thought Emma Stone looked divine (although looked like a completely different person)… I only wish she’d laid off the fake tanner. Peroxide + fake bake= I hope she’s not falling into the Hollywood trap. She’s too good for that.

    I agree that Michelle Williams’ dress was straight out of a 7th grader’s closet… circa 1968. But I’d have to say that Olivia Wilde was also on my worst dressed list. Sorry, Natalie! That dress swallowed her up and was too princessy for my taste. I like the more tailored and fitted. Sad, because I’m usually such a Marchesa fan.

  5. @Scott: Fair enough, fair enough. To each his own–but I will give the girl hair and beauty points for days–she’s a gorgeous woman and not everyone can pull off that hair, clearly! @Katie: I do think that Anne Hathaway looked amazing and it was one of the night’s most successful risks–and risks are always more fun, let’s face it. It’s just so hard to narrow it down to only two or three picks! I agree about Emma Stone –and perhaps on the tanner as well–but I think I’m just too used to seeing her as a fair(er)-skinned redhead. The running joke is that she’s now “becoming Lindsay Lohan”… but I think we should wait bit before we doom her with that statement, haha. Thanks to all for your comments!


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