I’m always impressed by visual artists who may specialize in a 2-D field, but are able to apply what they know to a more tangible, 3-D situation. Take, for example, Jen Murse of plastique* jewelry. Murse is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles who has turned well-known elements of graphic design into something that is not only wearable, but unique.

Clean lines and minimalism rule when it comes to plastique* jewelry. And what’s even cooler, to me, is the material: laser-cut acrylic. Not a graphic designer? Don’t fret! Jen has designed a little something for everyone, including the world traveler and the music lover. I’ve already purchased multiple pieces and I love everything I’ve ordered!

plastique* can be found on Etsy and at

Cassette Tape Ring, $5
CMYK Necklace, $19
Geometric Square Earrings, $15
Kern Ring Set, $12
Los Angeles Skyline Necklace, $24
World Landmarks Ring Set, $20



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