I am passionate about fashion largely in thanks to my curiosity for cutting edge clothing lines. I am constantly amazed by the craftsmanship, design, and production process of top-of-the-line fashion houses that continue to set the standard for up-and-coming designers. Proenza Schouler hasn’t been around that long, but since its beginnings as a senior thesis project at Parson’s School of Design in 2002, it has remained a brand that incessantly ushers in visions of the future of fashion, firmly staking its claim as a label that deserves to be ranked among the very best.

Whether it’s bags, shoes, or modern womenswear, if you’re into fashion, you’ve heard of Proenza Schouler. The label has collaborated with the likes of Chloë Sevigny, J Brand Jeans, and Target (for those of us who can’t afford luxury runway wear–yet) to name a few, proof that the brand possesses a special versatility often hard to come by in the fashion world. Proenza Schouler handbags are notoriously known and sought after, as are Proenza Schouler’s exquisitely designed shoes (which I consider works of art–for your feet). This is a line that is consistently cutting edge, and this year’s pre-fall collection serves as yet another illustration of that…

A modern take on tribal prints combined with angled draping that’s tailored to a tee is what we can look forward to wearing from PS this year. The playful neon color palette subliminally helps us step out of our comfort zones without being too flashy, while creative silhouettes come to life thanks to gorgeous original print work. I can imagine myself wearing every single piece of this collection, and not just next fall, but for years and years to come. It is truly an inspiration to see designers creating lines that not only raise the bar for the rest of the fashion community, but which change the direction of trends before we even know they exist.

I can only hope that one day, I too will create a collection as wearable and as ahead of its time as Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez did here, and as they continue to do, with Proenza Schouler.

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  1. Nice, nice, nice! – love the angled draping on the dresses.

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