While the idea of this post would probably repel him, I thought it was about time I showed a little love to the fly guys out there who turn it out just as well, if not better than, the ladies. I think Jarvis Cocker is one of those guys. Of course being a rock star doesn’t hurt. You know, geeky cool is… well, cool. And with Cocker, it’s more about an overall “look” vs. the specific pieces (I guess). But whatever. If I were a guy, I’d be stealin’ his style, for sure. Here, he illustrates the versatility of his wardrobe choices throughout the course of one mere photoshoot—you’ve got to respect that. I like this look with the navy blazer and with the gray blazer, equally. I also like the subtle mixing of textures by choosing a knit tie. What I love is throwing in the brown shoes—all rich and shiny looking. And a little heel never hurts anyone either.

1. Brooks Brothers Solid Wool Knit Tie, $45
2. 9Five Caps: Blackout Glasses, $58
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Tweed Suiting Blazer, $468


Urban Outfitters Shades of Grey by Micah Coen Blazer, $198
4. Paul Smith Corduroys, $141


Levi’s 505 Straight-Fit Corduroys, $33
5. American Apparel RSABLBT Braided Leather Belt, $34
6. Costume National Homme Blazer, $395
7. John Varvatos Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt, $125


Nordstrom, 1901 Washed Oxford Shirt, $60
8. Kenneth Cole New York Mr. Right Oxford, $168



  1. Jesus of Nasal-reth

    This is all great, but… all these clothes you suggested cost way too much. It would be possible to get almost the same for 1/5 of the money. In fact most clothes Jarvis buys are second hand…

    Oh and by the way, who pays $470 for a blazer?

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