Always one to be style-stalking The Sartorialist, I came across this gorgeous piece of fashion photography and literally gasped. I find everything about this photo breathtaking—it’s casual elegance like only the Italians can do it. Americans have their remarkable sportswear, it’s true; but this, this… like Madonna said, Italians do it better.

But how can we lowly non-Europeans attain this same level of fashion mastery? Don’t have a luxurious green cashmere-blend cape lying around? I feel you. Well, for starters, we can open up to what we are now calling track pants (see below). Yes, high-end track pants that are not Juicy Couture velour are out there, and they’ve got tapered, elastic pant legs. I know… you’re afraid. I too was confused and afraid… until I saw this photo. Then, I realized that anything was possible.

Left to right: Chinti and Parker Cashmere Track Pants, $420; Alexander Wang Knit Track Pants, $375; Marc by Marc Jacobs Zoe Wool Blend Track Pants, $190

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  1. Intriguing. When all the drop-crotch pants were around (at least in Japan), UNIQLO made a drawstring pair that sold around the holidays for $12(ish) and was made from a really nice loungewear cotton blend material. They were styled to go with fitted blazers and feminine slip-tops, but I never wear anything like that so they stay relegated to housewear.

  2. Nice. I love the idea of pairing these with fitted jackets and slip-tops. Although I too will admit that the pair I bought… has yet to leave the house as well. I’m reaching for the blazer… ♥

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