I like to measure how well our Best Dressed Celeb gets the job done not only by her red carpet appeal, but also by what she wears out to dinner with friends, what she’s spotted in when grabbing a cup of joe, or what she dons while fighting the paparazzi after a late night out. Why? Because we all look fabulous with our hair and makeup professionally done and certainly after some fantastic stylist tosses a Chanel frock our way. Having a great sense of style is a different matter entirely and absolutely crucial when it comes to nabbing my Best Dressed vote.

So when I saw Emma Roberts strolling among the goddesses of Hollywood (Hilary Swank, Diane Kruger, and Jessica Alba) at a recent red carpet event, I thought to myself: Wasn’t she in that movie with Zach Galifianakis in the psych ward (aka: It’s Kind of a Funny Story)? After a wee bit of IMDB snooping, I found out that she has not, in fact, entered stardom overnight. Case in point: Any of you recall seeing her light up theaters as the lead in the Nancy Drew film of 2007? Or perhaps it was as Adrianna Bragg in Lymelife with Alec Baldwin? Not that one either? Well, Emma Roberts has lent her pretty face to a whopping seven films in 2010, so you’ll certainly have ample chance to get to know her; keep a lookout because we can only expect great things to come from the niece of the one and only Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts.

Photos provided courtesy of Roberts’s devoted fan page, which is updated daily with new shots of the fashion-friendly budding siren.


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