It may be colder than a witch’s tit on the dark side of an iceberg lately, but that doesn’t mean you have to look ho-hum just to keep the heat in. While I love, and pretty much live in, solid color leggings, pretty polar patterns seem to be popping up everywhere (I also love alliteration). At first glance, they can come off as a bit daunting but as long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple, these little “legwarmers” are pretty easy to incorporate. And who doesn’t have a bevy of basics in their closet already? So, let’s get started.

INSPIRATION: Alexander McQueen Catacomb Knit Legging, $419

Clockwise from top left: Timeless Trinkets Antique Shirt Stud Necklace, $24; Forever 21 Faux Camel Hair Coat, $38; Timeless Trinkets Gryphon Necklace $24, Topshop Long-Sleeved Tri-Marl Top, $32; Forever 21 Distressed Leatherette Work Boots, $35; Mango Drape Pocket Cardigan, $43; Nasty Gal Navajo Leggings, $38

For the bohemian in all of us (or for those aspire to become ultra-sweet Jenny Lewis or VG’s ever-lovely Sarah), there are lots of great affordable options out there–from Native American to Nordic. My current favorite is Nasty Gal‘s Navajo Stripe Legging. To make the scattered stripes of taupe-y gold really pop, pair them with this mustard marl tunic from Topshop. Then, seal the deal with staple pieces, like Forever 21‘s Distressed High Heel Boots, or Mango‘s Drape Pocket Cardi in beige (you want to balance out the fitted leggings with loose layers on top) and a camel coat.

INSPIRATION: Acne Cadena Printed Legging, $229

Clockwise from top left: The Letter G Bianca Earrings, $34; ThreadSence Cloud 9 Chunky Sweater, $39; Cheap Monday Geo Printed Leggings, $26; Collina Strada Sierra Bag, $100; BC Dark Matter Shoe, $50

Now, for all you mathematical mavens out there, or those who just love long hard… lines, there are lots of goodies out there for you too! My pick is Cheap Monday‘s Geo Print Legging, if anything, for their “simplistic chaos.” I know, I know, some of you are probably thinking, the white banding upper-mid thigh will cut your legs into sad stumpy little bits–but I beg to differ. The placement of the smaller squares, coupled with the meandering seam line, keep the eye busy and moving up the leg, actually making you appear taller (BIG plus for me!). Another reason I picked these? Because they just happen to go so well with our beloved Collina Strada Sierra Bag, which is still on sale at Urban Outfitters, btw. Now, again, since we’re pretty busy on the bottom and have added a sizeable bag to the mix, let’s keep the rest simple. To keep those legs looking long and lean and your tootsies nice and toasty, opt for a similar colored boot, like BC‘s Dark Matter Shoe. Then, either dig into your closet for your favorite snuggle sweater in white or light gray, or go for this one from ThreadSence with a long tank layered underneath to cover your bum (if you so desire).



  1. Loved your style review, Natalie! You are ALWAYS spot on! 🙂 The patterned leggings are so cool and “age-timeless”! My favs are the Cheap Monday Geo Printed Leggings! So “artsy” and cool! I love how you organize your article, too! Thanks for being my online fashion stylist! Do you make house calls? 🙂

  2. Some great ideas to move beyond the solid-colors!

  3. thanks for the shout out.
    i want all this stuff!

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