Always on the lookout for chic, practical looks I can mimic with minimal effort, I recently spotted this shot of—WHO ELSE—Kate Moss (here, at the launch of her new perfume Vintage Muse) and almost instantaneously started my evil plot to steal her fabulous, fabulous ways.

I ask you: Has black on black ever looked better? Drawing a blank here. And the subtle, effortless contrast of the slightly lighter, almost metallic/dark grayish belt… oh Kate. You’re truly as good as they say.

Bottom line: Kate Moss gets it right—always. You’d simply be a fool not to steal her style…

1. Plastic Island Black Magic Tweed Jacket, $216 (Too much? Try this.)
2. Fina Firenze Studded Belt, $23—On sale!
3. Forever 21 Classy Platform Booties, $28
4. Malene Birger Cotton Tank, $23—On sale!
5. Dr Denim Snap Clean Black Skinny Jean, $55—On sale!
6. MAC Eye Kohl, $15
7. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick, $5



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