From left to right: Topshop’s Limited Edition Maxi, Kimchi Blue’s French Dress, and Forever 21’s Vintage Inspired Dress

Now that you’ve got your Gatsby juices flowing, delve deeper into the decade of decadence with some dresses so lovely, they’d stop F. Scott Fitzgerald mid-Charleston side-step.

It’s no secret that the New Year is ringing in plenty of new trends; one of which is as classy as they come, the ever-popular and still growing trend of 1920’s silhouettes. Whether it be the slick menswear showcased in Armani’s F/W 2010 collection, or Topshop’s rapidly growing selection of holiday dresses, it’s quite clear designers are borrowing inspiration from the likes of Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.

Art deco is timeless–whether it be in art, music, design or fashion. This style is a particular favorite of mine, as it oftentimes translates into graceful drop-waist dresses, geometric embellishments, and free-flowing fabrics that flatter most any body type. Modern takes on these draped, classic cuts will definitely be emerging in many women’s ready-to-wear collections to surface this spring, including but not limited to Donna Karan, Givenchy, and Albertta Ferretti.

And now you too can be a part of this trend and get your roaring 1920’s fix in with these timelessly glamourous, vintage-inspired dresses. Now all you have to do is perfect that fox-trot and shimmy!


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