Lately, it seems like I can’t escape The Great Gatsby. Not that I’m complaining, it is one of the best novels ever written, it just seems like it has been popping up more than usual in conversation; chances are, mostly thanks to the buzz surrounding the new Baz Luhrmann/Leo DiCaprio movie version in the works.

But in addition to that, I also caught the Robert Redford rendition on TV recently, and not long after, I re-discovered the glorious nerdom of Out of Print clothing and spotted this tee (this website is a serious litgasm). Then, yesterday, this pretty little Juicy Couture “art deco” bracelet caught my eye–after that, I’d had it. It was time. It was time to build an outfit

That being said, I hope you enjoy this lil’ Gatsby-inspired group of goodies. And remember: when you’re in a dapper Daisy mood, always mix in a bit of something laced with lavender (huge at the time) or perhaps a splash of Guerlain’s infamous Shalimar—the veritable badgirl scent of the 20’s.

1. One Vintage Victoria Dress, $2,155
2. Yestadt Millinery Fabled Cloche, $278
3. Prada Vernice Gloves, $495
4. All Saints Araminta Dress, $305
5. Kate Spade Peacock Clutch, $395
6. Mod Cloth Make Your Movement Dress, $63
7. Free People Vintage Loves Metal Mesh Evening Bag, $282
8. Charlotte Russe Ivory Rosette Headwrap, $7
9. Nordstrom 10mm Glass Pearl Long Strand, $58
10. Juicy Couture Retro Chain Crystal Bracelet, $78
11. Juicy Couture Deco Antique Bracelet, $88
12. Guerlain Shalimar Perfume, $72
13. L’Occitane Lavander Hand Cream Trio, $26



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  2. what sweet accessories!

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