Ok, so, I’ve been pondering spats for a while now. As in, several months. Something along the lines of: Can I pull these off? Should I pay that much for shoe adornment that will inevitably become dirty? Is this another one of those only-if-you-live-in-NYC things? Ugh. Spats, and shoe adornments in general, have definitely popped up on the good ol’ fashion radar recently. Probably partly in thanks to Alexander Wang’s F/10 collection, partly in thanks to the slew of vintage and/or retro trends bopping about.

So ultimately, I’ve embraced the spat. And its gazillion forms–from knit shoe parka to borderline leg lingerie (and yes, spats overlap into legwarmer territory). I do think it’s important to wear the right shoe and appropriate outfit for spats to really work, of course. Spats look hot on an amazing sky-high black vamp heel for a reason. In this case, the spats totally transform a delicate pink pump into something completely different and totally badass–you’ve gotta love that. My faves are this pair in purple suede adorned with colorful feathers. With spot-on LBD and black tights? I… I think I kind of love it. It’s wacky, and I love it.

So, I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to warm up; but I’m cool with you, spats. We’re cool.


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