We all want to do our part to save the planet–and look cute while doing it. With that in mind, today, more and more designers are using eco-friendly fabrics and special methods of production in order to lessen the harmful environmental impact clothing manufacturing can create. A growing trend in this arena is the use of artificial leather. Artificial leather looks and feels as fabulous as the real deal, but costs about half as much to purchase and to produce. There are different types of faux leather, but whether it be PVC or polyurethane, you can always count on looking good without guilt of where your coat came from or how much it cost. 

The bottom line: Being environmentally conscious is always in style. And it’s even cooler when the production emissions from the manufacturing of our rad clothes can be decreased by simply choosing alternative materials (not to mention the millions of animal lives that can be saved!)

Here are a few awesome staple pieces made with synthetic leather, all for under $100:
1. The leather jacket: Steve Madden, $99 (On sale!)
2. The leather skirt: Cheap Monday, $70
3. The leather pant: Free People, $88

Trust me, if you consider faux leather the next time you’re shop for a wardrobe staple, you will be amazed by the array of designers that are already in-the-know (Stella McCartney, Matt & Nat) when it comes to the positive influence these materials have to offer. Happy guilt-free shopping.



  1. You said it best: “Being environmentally conscious is always in style” – thanks for the info on these fashionable options.

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