Good news, it’s finally Friday. And if you’re anything like us, you’re pretty much clawing at the office walls, with mascara-dribbled eyes—very carefully fixed on the clock—begging for the little hand to hit that five. It can be a very emotional, sometimes draining process. You’ve already visited the vending machine two or five times. You’re immune to caffeinated beverages this late in the afternoon. But then, slowly but surely… it comes. You’re beside yourself, but the question remains, what will you wear tonight?

The answer is this:

These Alexander Wang tailored-to-perfection-shorts stopped us dead in our tracks and for $137, they’re a great classic (and versatile) staple sure to enhance your wardrobe for seasons to come. Pair them with this sheer and flowy Colette cape blouse with Lonely Hearts’ black velvet cut-out lingerie set stowed underneath for ‘coverage’ (wow), these sexy-say-yes Wolford cage tights, a pair of polished sky-high ankle booties, and gilded statement pieces for the neck and ears, and there you have it: our bona fide, no-fail formula for your fashionably-clad (potentially belligerent) Friday night out on the town.

And if that weren’t special enough, you have the entire weekend ahead of you! Who’s going to see Black Swan?

1. Arielle de Pinto Woman Earrings, $207 
2. Miki and Nora Pyramid Necklace, $74
3. Lonely Hearts Bra and Undies Set, $140
4. Colette Cape Blouse, $38
5. Alexander Wang Twill Overlay Shorts, $137
6. Wolford Fence Tights, $62
7. Velvet Angels Platinum Platform Bootie, $228




  1. I love this, Stephanie! Natalie Portman would certainly approve…

  2. Thanks Jean. I just listened to both her and Aronofsky’s interviews on NPR. She’s lovely.

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