So wait, you can’t afford that 1,400-dollar metallic Lela Rose number from Neiman’s? Bummer. What to do? Well, the good thing about this season’s metallic dress craze is that it has fully trickled down to the masses, AKA us. This means options, and in a variety of colors and styles. Oh wait, what do we have herrrre… a pretty sweet one-shoulder Bebe knock-off (okay fine, not in that irresistible molten mars red, but you can’t have it all) with just the right amount of shimmer to complement your shimmy. And hey now, the draping over that leather bodice? Super spicy.

Drat, that amazing Michael Kors Metallic Sheath Dress got your credit card down? Why don’t you try this French Connection Mid Dress bearing a mottled metallic finishon on for size? It’s only about $1,700 cheaper! And paired up with opaque black tights and a sleek black bootie, you will be dazzling in more ways than one.

Okay, are you ready for this? If you really want to get your trend on, try this ‘lil Vero Moda Very Metallic Animal One-Shoulder on for size. Dang, we’ve got two daring trends in one going on here. Eat that, Lela!


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