Lately, I’ve become really inspired by the newest crop of ear ornaments out there. As we know, the earring is poised for a comeback by the look of 2011 runways, and one of its preferred forms is oversized and nature-inspired–whether in form or in actual material. That means everything from feather dangles to jumbo wooden hoops, to gargantuan leaves in gold. I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you, ranging from ten bucks and beyond—because Mother Nature’s always got a little somethin’ for everyone.

1. Aldo Ebbesen Earrings, $10
2. ASOS Engraved Metal Leaf Drop Earrings, $10
3. Tribal Style Harmony Hoops, via Etsy (Coconut shell!), $20
4. Max & Chloe Sku Gold Curved Leaf Earrings, $50
5. John Hardy Large Bamboo Earrings, $295



One response to “INSPIRED BY NATURE

  1. Beautiful – the silver leaf design is my nature-inspired pick!

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