Everyone knows the holidays can be an especially financially trying–nay, crippling time, so we’ve compiled this easy list of eye-catching must-have treats on the cheap guaranteed to be a hit with everyone from the bestie to dear old mom. Because believe it or not, $50 can go the distance (in style) and that’s a beautiful thing.

1. Crumpet Cake Golden Wreath Necklace, $21
2. Little O By Wolf Brother Triangle Necklace, $28
3. Lovely Musings Bright Idea Necklace, $22
4. Lucky Little Dot Vintage Brass Rocking Horse, $15
5. Sunsan Wood Earrings, $8
6. xVELVETx Raw Quartz Chandelier Earrings, $48
7. Timberline Ltd 3 Pendleton Wool Organizer Bags, $24
8. Boyfrien Girlfrien People Book Bag, $50
9. Sisicata Moss Ring, $40
10. Tohold 3 Small Air Plants, $12



7 responses to “BARGAIN SPOTTING: ETSY 10 UNDER $50

  1. Yay! This is awesome!
    Thanks so much for featuring my quartz earrings!! Will share with my friends and customers!!
    Happy Holidays! xox

  2. I love everything on this list! that people book bag is awesome!
    thank you for including my necklace.

  3. Some great ideas!

  4. Great affordable gift finds! You have great taste! Thank you for including my trio of Pendleton wool organizer bags!

  5. LOVE those quartz earrings. Great picks, as always, Steph!

  6. Thank you so much for including my bright idea necklace in this amazing collection! I’d love to have one of everything else in the list. Cheers!


  7. Thanks everyone! It was our pleasure; you make incredible work that deserves to be noticed. Wishing you all a great, happy and healthy holiday season. ♥

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