I love sequins!
I love embellishments!
I love brocaded fabrics!
I love anything glitzy that can be seen from a mile away!

In the “real world,” not everyone cares for piles of jewels as accessories–let alone as a piece of clothing. That’s where I come in. I have combined my love for all things sparkly with your realistic tastes, ultimately creating wearable looks for all those looming end-of-the-year parties. It’s no secret that this holiday season’s big trend is… SEQUINS. Sequin jacketsdressestopsbottomshats, you name it, you can get it sequined, and I love it! Follow my tips below (to avoid looking like a disco ball), and you’ll be ahead of this glittery trend as we all welcome 2011 with stars in our eyes…

1. The Sequin Blazer
Victoria’s Secret, $129
Forever 21, $25

This is the easiest outfit to pull off. All you need is your sequin blazer, a basic tee or tank underneath, and a black pencil pant or skinny jean to offset the glam up top. On your feet, try a sleek pump or wedge in black (this black wedge bootie is perfect), and keep your accessories to a minimum. Then, choose between earrings or a necklace—sporting both, in addition to the bling on your coat, would be overkill. And that’s all folks! Wasn’t that easy? Now, you will be the belle of the ball, easing your way into fashion stardom with little to no effort. The best thing about the sequin blazer is that you can wear it a million different ways with a million different things; this is sure to be a trend that will stand the test of time.

2. The Sequin Top
Topshop, $80
ArynK, $80

Style your sequin top in the same way you do your sequin blazer and you will be fine. That is to say, pair it with black and you can’t go wrong. If your top is tunic length, have fun with the bottoms you choose: try some black leggings or quirky colored tights to spice it up a bit. Steer clear of things with a print on the bottom, however. Simple shoes work perfectly, and you might not need any accessories other than a sweet studded earring or ring.

3. The Sequin Dress
Topshop, $250 (I wish i could afford this so badly!)
French Connection, $198
Sparkle and Fade for UO, $49

This is probably my favorite. There are so many sequin dresses out there and it was hard to limit it down to just a few, but this one’s a real stunner. Sequin dresses are truly the epitome of holiday wear and are the easiest thing to put together. All you need are some plain tights (black is a no-brainer, but play around with white, ballet pink, or rose–depending on your dress). I also like to dress DOWN a sequin dress with grungy boots like these and with a simple boyfriend blazer like this. If you’re not into the tomboy thing, pair your dress up with sassy pumps like these. The only accessory you’ll need is a bright, shining smile and you’re on your way in style.

Still skeptical? Here are a few other ways to sport your sequins:
Alice & Olivia Sequin Leggings, $140
Nasty Gal Shorts, $50
Haute Hippie Sequin Skirt, $375
Mirror/Dash Sequin Vest, $58

No matter the way you choose to sparkle, keep your outfit simple so the real you can shine through.

Happy Holidays! 



  1. Sequin blazer so versatile and could pull off with dark jeans. I personally would go with small gold earrrings and not a necklace with this bold and beautiful jacket.

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