If you haven’t already heard, the ladylike look is all the rage. And this includes the oh-so-modestly-intriguing long, full skirt. Just take Karl Lagerfeld’s word for it, ok? Now, attention: this can be tricky to pull off, but you have some options. The skirt can hit you mid-calf or even skim your ankles (best for long-legged beauties, I’d say), but it can also hit right at or just above the knee—perhaps the safest bet for us all, especially we shorties who don’t want to look like little stunted runts running about town. Although with high enough heels, really anything is possible. Just be mindful.

Whatever length looks best on you, assure that your final pick is long and that it’s full ‘n flouncy (read: no bodycon, no a-lines). Then, you can juxtapose your choice up top with a tucked-in shirt cinched with a belt for a very special kind of sex appeal…

Let’s take this prime specimen from Fendi F/W 2010. A hell of an ensemble, if you ask me. Shall we locate a replica? Why, HELLO, TanJay Pull-On Flounce Skirt for $42!

From here, all you have to do is pair this baby up with a dark tan belt, add in a pair of chocolate brown lace-up booties, an olive green silk blouse, and a subtly tailored jacket of your choosing (if you don’t “do” patchwork, just stick to neutral tones!), and you’ve got one hot-to-trot runway-inspired look that’ll not only keep you warm this winter, but place you at the head of the fashion pack.

1. TanJay Pull-On Flounce Skirt, $42
2. Hobo International Balance Belt, $74
3. Enzo Angiolini Andre Ankle Boot, $119
4. Madewell Pemberly Blouse, $118
5. Dallin Chase Jasper Jacket, $217



  1. Love the ‘femininity factor.’ Thanks for the info!

  2. wow, pretty damn spot on! good job girl!

  3. Thanks, Nat! A girl’s gotta make Fendi proud, ya feel me? ❤

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