I’m really in love with this fall’s tendency to teeter toward… earthiness. For lack of a better word. You know: lots of browns, warm tones, jumbo cable-knits, camel, mixed neutral textures, etc. Mmmm: luxurious. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it…

That being said, the current influx of corduroy fits into this equation perfectly. Because nothing says “cozy” like corduroy. And seeing as though the temperature has dropped about twenty some-odd degrees within the past friggin’ four days, I’m more game the ever to take a gander at something that’s trendy and warm.

How does a nice skinny-legged softie sound? It’s true: the words corduroy and chic don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but J.Brand gets this pant so right, it kills me. With a turtleneck and pair of lace-up boots, you’re set for snow and lookin’ hot. I’ve also fallen deeply for this refreshingly preppy—but not too much—corduroy blazer from Banana Republic. Talk about classic! This is a lifer, my friends. Or what about this classic James Perse Military Shirt spun of fine-wale corduroy? Slide that under your camel coat, whydontcha? It’s infallible. And for all you petites out there (woot!) this Ambition Corduroy Jacket is the perfect weekend piece to sling over your t-shirt + leggings, running around town in your flats and aviators. It’s got a bit of a military vibe to it too: sweet? Lest we forget accessories: make sure to snag a corduroy cap too, like this one from Eugenia Kim, and you’ve officially got all your bases covered…


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