Ladies, the death-grip of the statement necklace is weakening. Little by little, stylists and designers alike are reconnecting with… the earring. Yes, it pains me too–greatly–that downright outrageous neckpieces will soon be a thing of the past, but we’ll get through this together…

Now, of course, this is not an immediate thing, so let’s calm ourselves. I’m just trying to prepare you for what’s to come. And from the looks of the 2011 shows, and from what I’ve seen in magazine previews, earrings will soon be making a comeback. Not that they were ever out of style, but let’s be honest: necklaces have been hogging the spotlight for a while now.

Remember the chandelier craze of yesteryear? How fun was that? Well, for 2011, jumbo golden hoops (hoops of all sorts, actually) abound. I’ve noted especially those of the door knocker variety, as put forth by Dolce & Gabbana for their S/S ‘11 collection, and similar to this Larucci pair worn by Kim Kardashian (pictured with–yes, that would be Justin Bieber) in Elle’s September issue.

Some may recall, back in the late 90’s, when an oversized silver hoop was the end-all-be-all-must-have. Well, a little over ten years later, hoops are poised for a trend-infused comeback. All I’m sayin’ is… be on the lookout.

You can do it; warm up to trend shift with these worthy specimens:
1.    Forever 21 Two Piece Mod Hoops, $4
2.    Max & Chloe Door Knocker Earrings, $54
3.    Paige Novick Linda Earring (via Bluefly), $145
4.    Larucci Gold Drop Earring, $145



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