Let’s face it, we all want to look good for our families on Turkey Day, but we also want to eat our faces off and comfortably conceal the inevitable turkey baby that rears its ugly head after Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve put together a few fashionable outfits that will flatter all your better parts, especially when your belly decides to become an entity of its own…

Leggings are your best friend; you can get ‘em in all different colors, lined with fleece, and footless at Forever21.com. Even if you’re unsure of leggings or jeggings, or whatever your worry may be, forget all those inhibitions and give yourself a chance (the suede and velvet variety are my personal favorites–and more comfortable than my favorite pair of jeans)! Next, you’ll want to find (or borrow from your significant other) a button-up dress shirt like this collarless grandpa shirt from Topshop. On your feet, try a comfy riding boot with style like these High Plains Boots, courtesy of Free People. And lastly, give your look that holiday glitz with accessories like a vest belt, or shiny, pretty jewels.

This outfit is sure to be a family favorite, bringing out all your natural beauty… so you can eat that extra slice of pie guilt-free.

It’s always nice to dress up, but it isn’t always the most comfortable, especially after a hard day’s work of catching up with long lost relatives you only see twice a year. Therefore, I propose this simple solution, which will render you glamorous, even after falling into a tryptophan-induced coma. Start with a nice pair of tights, like a pair of these cute crochet creations (remember: something with a pattern will give you an extra edge amidst all the pantyhose and jeans the rest of your family will surely be sporting). Next, pick out a simple straight-lined skirt. Try something in-between a mini and a pencil length like this bodycon skirt (for under ten bucks!). You’re probably thinking, who the hell would be comfortable in a tight skirt while stuffing her face? Understandable, but you must remember: things made of spandex expand with your body. Be sure to contrast your skirt with an oversized sweater as well… to keep your turkey baby nice and warm. Now, if you’re feeling really glamorous, you can try this look paired up with a sleek pair of wedges, like these from Jeffrey Campbell, but if you want to guarantee comfort, go for a cool pair of broguesloafers, or saddle shoes. Top the look off with some gold earrings, and you’ll be setting the standard for this year’s Christmas party fashions to come! It’s never too early to get a leg up, ladies…

Remember: Both of these looks are completely customizable; all you have to do is choose what’s right for you and eat as much as you can. I’d like to take a moment and give thanks to all of you, and to the VG family, for allowing me share my fashion inspirations and interpretations… What are you thankful for this year?



2 responses to “WHAT TO WEAR ON TURKEY DAY?

  1. We’re thankful for *you, Sarah Muhl! A fabulous story. xox.

  2. Great picks, Sar! Really love the belt and the slave bracelet…

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