ATTENTION SHOPPERS: ’Tis the season… to be buying holiday dresses!

Whether you’re hitting the town hard at night or simply hosting extended family for dinner, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get yourself dressed up in one of these chic party dresses. I personally can’t stand it when people tell me that they loathe wearing dresses–especially this season, which boasts an abundance of silhouette options to holiday dress-wearers in need…

Are you bashful of your arms but refuse to hide under a play-it-safe jacket or cardigan? Not a problem if you go for this three-quarter sleeved number. Don’t want to be that girl showing off a bit too much skin at your holiday work function? Perhaps an elegant maxi dress is in order. Want to stand out in a sea of standard LBDs? Try this season’s printed one-shoulder on for size.

But most of all, don’t be afraid to take a risk on that short dress that you so desperately desire; simply team it up with opaque tights and a pair of peep-toe booties for a starlet look with serious staying power.

Just take a look at my top ten roll call—whether you ultimately opt for a dash of daring red, a sprinkle of holiday sparkle, or a deep, serious navy blue hue—you’re guaranteed to work every room from lights on to lights out… and maybe during brunch the morning after too.

1. BCBG Strapless Pleated Gown, $360
2. Rise Graduated Sequin Shift Dress, $95
3. Moulinette Soeurs Stilled Night Dress, $128
4. Forever 21 Cluster Bib Silk Dress, $33
5. Aidan Mattox One-Shoulder Dress, $275
6. BCBG Printed V-Neck Dress, $188
7. Floreat Evening Enchantment Dress, $188
8. Tibi Alligator Lace Jersey Draped Dress, $368
9. Sparrow Marilyn Dress, $128
10. BCBG Strapless Satin Cocktail Dress, $368



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