And you thought crop tops were only for SUMMER. Psh! Ladies, it’s time you got acquainted with the winter crop-top. That’s right, “cut-off” tops of all sorts are lurking around everywhere, and it’s about time we figured out what the hell to do with them…

I’ve thought long and hard, ultimately coming to the conclusion that I will be sporting one of these (in plain black–you’ve got to at least give me that) with my favorite pair of high-waisted jeans. You know, just in case I have to reach over someone, so as to avoid a Britney Spears situation. I tried the ensemble on and… it’s cute! I’ve also got my eye on this Whistles Catrin Crop Sweater in Lurex via Asos. So chic! Orrrrr: you can even revert back to Cher Horowitz mode and rock the crop all preppy-like with a white collared shirt underneath, like with this Theory piece via Nordstrom. Nice, right? And look, one in fall’s hottest color: red, from Adam. I love the contrast with an extra-long and loose shirt in gray. Not bad, Not bad at all…

Really: this can work. You may have to reach deep, deep into the depths of your stylist soul, but it CAN WORK.

Come on in and join the party, girls. If you’re up to it: do the crop!


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