Lace tops: they’ve taken over, and in a mind-blowing myriad of forms. What I love about this trend is that, when done right, it can look quite expensive. True story: I’ve had a 20-dollar Forever 21 black lace top since 2006 that has never failed me. Not only has it stayed in tact (don’t be a dodo: hand-wash or dry clean, ladies), it still gets me non-stop compliments, and when I wear it I feel Dolce and Gabbana gorgeous. You know… it’s that breed of sultry Sicilian sexy that’s internationally irresistible. Yes, please! But this trend is so widespread that, oftentimes, it’s hard to determine which way to take it. That being said, here is a breakdown of all the options lurking out there:

The No-Fail Fantasy
Let’s start at the top, shall we? If I had all kinds of money, I’d be buying these babies, no questions asked.

Stella McCartney Lace Blouse ($1,445)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Wicken White Bronte Lace Top ($415)

… but since I do NOT indeed have all kinds of money, these serve only as inspiration. I am now forced to consider more affordable options classified in other categories, including:

The Turtleneck
Can be tricky, but also quite intriguing, the lace turtleneck is a perfectly packaged paradox of “covered-up” and “revealed,” like this one from BCBG Max Azria ($98).

The White
This one’s reserved for the daring: Don’t tread onto white territory unless you’re prepared to take a Like a Virgin risk head-on–is amazing when done right, however. I like this look ($15), available at Charlotte Russe. Add in a pop of brightly- colored jewelry too.

The Cutout
This can go horribly, horribly wrong, but can also be a rousingly sexy success. Be sure to think long and hard before taking the cutout plunge. This Lace-Sleeve Knit Top from Forever 21 ($25) is a nice option.

The Accent
A lovely, ladylike alternative if see-through is simply not your thing. This Pussybow Blouse with contrast lace detail ($62) on Asos is incredibly chic… might be one of my favorite fall finds this year, actually.

The Novelty
This species is a mix of lace and some other trend (note: avoid overload!), like this bat-winged beauty from Beyond Vintage ($180) via Piperlime.

The Long-Sleeved
Perhaps my personal favorite of all our options, this classically cut, all-over lace look goes great layered under other tops, but is also irresistible on its own teamed up with a pair of high-waisted black trousers and show-stopping metal jewelry. RAWR. It appears as if this one from Victoria’s Secret ($40) might even enable you to wear a like-colored bra underneath, instead of the usually required tank, an added bonus we would all agree.

Phew, I think I just broke a sweat!


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