Not a fan of the imminent onslaught of winter cold to come? Well, neither am I. But unless you plan on spending the next five months of your life cowering indoors, you’re going to have to get out there and face it eventually. Luckily, I have just the thing to ease your fears, swallow you up in endless warmth, and punctuate your winter wardrobe like no other accessory will.

Celapiu. An independent Polish label established in 2006 by designer Celina Dębowska, Celapiu is also a word Dębowska conjured up as she was first emerging as a designer, ‘leaving behind’ her filmmaking past. It was a battle cry of sorts that helped Dębowska channel the inner courage that she needed to move on with her career in fashion design–and aren’t we glad that she did?

Celapiu’s F/W 2010/11 lookbook of marvels can be viewed online here; this newest line showcases my favorite of her designs by far–most notably, the braided shrug, cowl, and ears.

Infused with equal parts imagination, humor, and straight-up skill, these playful designs are everything my little heart desires in a cold-weather accessory and more; and you’d better believe this post will be conveniently doubling as my Christmas wish list for this year.



  1. i LOVE these! i would wear them all winter long — and i love how the earmuffs resemble hair. great find!

  2. Great pick, Steph! Very unique, and super wearable and organic. I am thisclose to purchasing one of the above items!

  3. Thanks ladies! On the good news forefront, I am Celapiu’s 1000th customer! I just won the braided shrug. WOOHA!!!! (: (: (:

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