Some of you might recall the story we recently ran on the amazing Levi’s Curve ID line featuring three specific cuts of denim, all made to match the fickle forms of female in this world. About time, right? Finally, the all-American brand throws our diverse demographic a bone… democratic denim for all!

What we didn’t know at the time, is that indie rock bombshell Lykke Li was being recruited as one of Curve ID’s official spokesmodels… so can I please gush about how amazingly hot she looks in these ads for a sec? Gah. As if I needed another reason to be jealous of this smashing Swede…

For the Curve ID campaign, Li, accompanied by Pixie Geldof and Miss Nine (now there’s a heck of a style trinity for you) dons the Levi’s Slight Curve … the shape for more “boyish” figures, cut to elevate and accentuate the tush. Well, if you ask me, these Levi’s are doin’ a bang-up job. And while we’re here, might we also admire how refreshingly classic and clean this jean is paired up with a sky-high black pump and simple white tee? I know she’s Swedish, but damn… Godbless America.


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