Taylor Tomasi-Hill: If you’re not familiar with her name, you’re certainly familiar with her face by now. The lithe-bodied, fiery-haired Style and Accessories Director for Marie Claire magazine certainly knows how to make a large and lasting impression, and it shows.

From fashion blog notables such as Refinery 29 to Fashionologie to D Magazine to–yes, even us here at lil’ ole VERY GLOSSY, Tomasi-Hill has us all single-handedly spellbound and seduced by her chic, refined, and seemingly limitless style. Numerous photographs of Tomasi-Hill have found their home on the internet, and if you click through two, three or even a dozen of these, you’ll soon start seeing that curious, special something about her that doesn’t just inhabit just anybody.

Being perhaps one of the most photographed fashion editors of all time, it is by no coincidence that Tomasi-Hill is well on her way to catapulting into fashion iconism. Each ensemble of hers, varied and unique, has no doubt been doubly inspected, quality assured, test driven, and outfitted with the finest aftermarket luxury performance parts; Tomasi-Hill is the kind of woman I’d easily compare to a well-oiled, finely tuned Ferrari 599XX prototype–in red. (I just compared a beautiful woman to a car… perhaps it’s time for a beer ‘n belch while I’m at it.)

While her style could never be stolen, per say, cues can and should be taken–so her drink up! I’ve bootlegged a genuine Tomasi-Hill in my basement, just for you.

1. Zoom Boulevard Cat Eye Sunglasses in Tortoise, $17
2. Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Matte Bright Red, $19
3. Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch in Black, $295
4. Dolce Vita GI Jacket in Olive, $209
5. Sam Edelman Pierce Over-the-Knee Boot in Black, $300

Photographs courtesy of Stockholm Street Style and Fashion Smoothie


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