Hey… I’ve been seeing a lot of gold lurking about. And of the non-metallic variety. Dresses, topsaccessories… and I think I kind of like it. Even though I’m a blonde and gold isn’t necessarily “my color,” what I love about these yellow-y tones most is how they mingle with other colors. Gold shades such as these contrasted with a brighter kelly green or teal, for example. Killer fall outfit alert! And paired up with white, you’ll look buttery enough to eat. However, my dream pick would have to be this Z Spoke by Zac Posen Matte Silk Military Dress, which really needs no complement at all save a pair of tights. OMAGAH. So awesome.

Now, be sure not to confuse this with camel. These tones are richer and more yellow-y. These tones are, like sooooo King Midas Fall 2010. You feel me? Some might call them mustard. For some reason, I’m turned off by that. Probably because I’m not a huge fan of mustard (the condiment), so let’s go with gold for now.

None of this appealing to you? Rock some golden tips instead, courtesy of NARS’s Versailles. You’ll make a gloriously golden statement with every flick of your wrist…

Again, might I mention what a wonderfully warm fall color this is? Heck, you’ll blend right in with your mom’s Thanksgiving table centerpiece! Come on. Take a leap of faith and bask in your Versace potential.


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