Imagine you’ve just been abducted by aliens… from the future. What will you be wearing? You’ve arrived in a dark, cold, post-apocalyptic world, but rest assured… Gareth Pugh has got you covered.

Boasting avant-garde cuts and out of this world styling, Pugh is definitely a designer to watch when it comes to the future of fashion, as he nobly maintains a fashion-as-performance-art aesthetic. Pugh’s use of neutral tones never casts a dull light on his creations; he knows how to make it and his stylists definitely know how to work it, which makes for an ultimate presentation of otherwise unassuming colors.

Most designers stick by the rules. They know what works, so they continue to create it. These designers understand that most women don’t want to take big risks when it comes to fashion and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Gareth Pugh, however, is on the opposite end of the spectrum, just as Alexander McQueen was when he first blew up the fashion scene in the mid-90’s… 
Pugh’s collections received critical acclaim since the designer’s first solo show during London’s Fall Fashion Week in 2006; Pugh was quickly recognized for his raw talent and was featured in magazines across the world… all the while, squatting in converted warehouses, struggling to pay the bills. It seemed as though the fashion world wasn’t quite ready for his off-the-cuff silhouettes when he launched his first collection for a group show in 2005. Today, Pugh continues to stay true to himself and lets his work do the talking. I was amazed while admiring his spring/summer ’11 collection a few weeks ago during Paris Fashion Week, and I have been stalking his work ever since.

What I really love about Pugh is that he knows what he likes and that’s all that matters. To him, fashion is more about the art of clothing versus what everyone will be wearing next season. I am so inspired by his use of inverted forms and distorted styling, which both manage to create truly one-of-a-kind fashion presentations. Thank you, Mr. Pugh. Thank you for continuing to push the fashion envelope in a world where we’d rather play it safe!
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