In celebration of her upcoming A/W ’10 collection launch with Topshop, supermodel Kate Moss has released this video of her and her “gal pals” Adwoa Aboah, Cara Delevigne, Genevieve Garner, Roslyn Holman, and Jessica Horton, trying on their favorite pieces from Moss’s new line. (You know, just shooting the sh/t in their personal shopping suite, no big deal.)

The reason why this actually is such a big deal this time around is that this fourteenth collection is rumored to be the last ever that Moss will design for the British high street brand; though, the idea of future collaborations on other projects hasn’t been entirely dismissed… (Hmmm… do I smell a possible marketing ploy?)

Here are a few preview images of Kate doing her thing, and looking all kinds of incredible while doing it, but of course.

Steady yourselves, because in two days (that’s Tuesday, November 2nd), the heavily Bohemian-influenced collection will go up for grabs on Topshop.com.
All images courtesy of Topshop.com

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