Sometimes I look at these Hunter boots and I’m like, Yeah! A chic spin on galoshes–brilliant! And other times I look at them and it’s more, Hmmm… really though? Shouldn’t we just let galoshes be galoshes? OR: ahem, excuse me, to refer to them as Hunter does, rubber rain boots…?

Full disclosure: A pair of classic black Hunter rubber rain boots is at the top of my Holiday wish list. And something tells me that they will stay there. I guess I feel like the Savoys have a bit too much novelty infused into something so practical… maybe, I’ll never decide. Thoughts?

2 responses to “THE HUNTER REGENT SAVOY: ???

  1. Ha! I have them on my Christmas wish list tooooo! 🙂

  2. hearthesiren

    nice, shouldn’t galoshes be galoshes??? awesome, though i like the quilted rubber, im all about the quilts 🙂

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