Jolie Laide Gallery will introduce a huge group installation next (First) Friday, curated by New York artist Wendy White and we here at VERY GLOSSY are highly anticipating the opening. DE-NATURE will exhibit a full line-up of work from an omnifarious roster of New York City and Brooklyn-based artists set to include: Brian Belott, Paul DeMuro, Rachel Foullon, Liz Markus, Sarah Peters, Lamar Peterson, and Bill Saylor.

A solo exhibition of drawings by Simon Slater entitled I’m Afraid will open the same night in the gallery’s project space; I’ve had a bit of a sneak preview of this and it’s going to be nothing short of amazing/ bewildering/ humorous/ and possibly even a little uncomfortable, but in the best and most welcomed of ways.

Here are a few bites I’ve selected for you to chew on; the rest you will have to come and experience on November 5th:

Paul DeMuro

Liz Markus

Brian Belott

For directions to Jolie Laide (located next to the Philadelphia Convention Center) please visit the gallery’s website.


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