What? Victoria’s Secret has… cute clothes?


Yes my friends, it’s true. VS isn’t all about just bras and panties anymore. They have clothing. Ok well, they’ve had clothing for a long while now but it wasn’t until the past couple of years or so that they’ve really stepped up their game in the garment department. This stuff is not only socially acceptable but also not completely tasteless, and maybe kind of cute. Good for them!

In years past, I’d always seem to associate VS clothing with the likes of Spiegel catalog (yikes) and Newport News (that goes double), both of which made me feel really yucky inside. (Still do.) But gone are those days, I’ve shed them and moved on, and ordered this dress* the other day as an act of good faith in sealing “our” new covenant. I’m so nice… to myself.

But, of course, you don’t have to take my word for it–no, no, no. I have photographic evidence, lifted straight from their site. Behold:

EXHIBIT A: Slouchy Fair Isle Sweaterdress, $88*

EXHIBIT B: Tweedy Dress, $68

EXHIBIT C: Slouchy Cable Sweaterdress, $78

EXHIBIT D: Marled Sweaterdress, $59

I rest my case.
Photos courtesy of


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