Just yesterday, my sister-in-law paid me a compliment on a necklace I had purchased from Kohl’s (of all places), and it got me thinking: I’m really not at the age where I feel the compelling desire to start collecting “timeless pieces” of the fine jewelry variety. Instead, my focus lies more in what’s most affordable, what’s on-trend, and what looks good.

If you too are in need of a quick and shiny pick-me-up and would like to conserve a buck or two in the process, well then, Kohl’s may be just the place for you. After sifting through the retailer’s website, I thought I’d share a mini-selection of (unexpected) best bets for a variety of occasions.

For Night Wear: Dana Buchman Gold Tone Multihoop Necklace, $22

The Reliable Statement Piece: Simply Vera Jet-Tone Mesh Knotted Necklace, $22

A Touch of Trendy Sparkle: Mudd Gold-Tone Glitter Bangle Bracelet Set, $7

All photos courtesy of Kohls.com


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