One of the main reasons I love colder weather is because of all of the outerwear we simply can’t live without! Whether you love a classic trench or a couture cape, you are sure to find something suitable for any brisk walk about town. During my own search for some new, fancy coats, I fell in love with a few styles that combine comfort and fashion in more ways than one. First up is this luxurious cape coat by See for Chloé. Available in a black and grey tweed, this piece makes a great staple for any winter wardrobe and pairs easily with work or evening wear. Cape coats come in a variety of styles and cuts but personally, I believe less is more when it comes to outerwear. Go for something sleek and versatile and you will easily avoid looking like a bag lady or a goth kid from the 90’s.

Next up is the classic trench. This is a year-round must have that comes in very handy for those in-between weather days for which fall is so famous. I found this class-act piece from Topshop for $160.00. The best part about this pick is that it comes with a belt! Belts can give coats a whole new life but are usually overlooked for budget’s sake. If you already have a trench or another piece you are hesitant to wear, try shaping it up with a belt. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by your own silhouette and you’ll find new appreciation for things you thought were too boxy.

Finally, for all the utilitarian ladies, there’s this fur-trimmed hooded anorak coat from Saks. This is the next generation of military chic, bearing plenty of pockets in all the right places and all in a flattering length. Sure it’s a little pricey, but why not splurge for something that will never go out of style? With five pockets and a draw-string waist, you can house all your trinkets without a purse and stay ahead-of-the-curve for years to come.

With so many styles of coats from which to choose, the search for your perfect fit can be overwhelming. If you use this write-up as a guideline, you can narrow down your choices to things that work best for you. Window shopping name brands is the ultimate way to discover your own personal style and will also help you compare more affordable pieces from stores you already love.


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