You read right. Lanvin for H&M. A preview of the soon-to-debut, highly anticipated collection has just been released:

The full line is set to include 55 pieces in total; 30 for women and 25 for men along with a generous helping of accessories for both. Can I just say, I am truly frightened at the thought of the hysteria, mauling, and potential rioting that will most likely ensue at the time of this release in stores? I don’t normally like to shop with my better half–in fact I try to avoid it–but if you are trying to get in on this action, I suggest you bring yours or at least someone much, much larger than yourself. I’m pretty certain a second pair of hands wouldn’t hurt either.

If you’d like to view the Lanvin for H&M show live, just so you know what you’re getting into, you can make your way to their site, on Tuesday, November 2 to watch it from the comfort of your very own computer. (It’s way more glamorous than the real thing.)

The collection will go on sale on Tuesday, November 23 in approximately 200 H&M stores worldwide.

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2 responses to “LANVIN FOR H&M FOR YOU

  1. this happens on my birthday!!!!!!

  2. the show i mean!

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