As I am writing this, there are exactly 250,330 Etsy sellers currently open for business online from all over the world, peddling their knick-knacks and handmade wares, at all hours of the day. As you can imagine, it can be quite challenging at times finding something you might truly connect with, especially when being faced with so many options vying for your attention all at once. (Welcome to the internet, Stephanie.)

Well today I’m here to introduce you to one shop in particular that stands out in my mind out of the 250,330, Pagan Poetry. Diane Bénézech-Schuh, creator of the line, identifies Pagan Poetry’s influences as a compound mixture of shamanism, paganism, and poetry. In her shop of curiosities, you can expect to find an assortment of necklaces, harnesses, and earrings made of leather, chains, faux fur, and (imitation) bone; all of which embody the unique spirit of Bénézech-Schuh’s vision:

“Behind this name, I am creating a different kind of jewelry. Amulets, cages, and harnesses involve the whole body and become part of the outfit. The collections are inspired by North American tales and a strong connection to nature. Unusual objects with discrete details, drawings on leather, imitation of bones and ethnological references are tying in to create a tiny imaginary civilization and its cultural artifacts. Pagan Poetry is a work between art and clothing; each object is handmade by me and therefore is unique.”

My personal favorites of the Pagan Poetry collection? The harnesses, hands down. The beauteous Inugak and Banquise are wafting temptation my way as we speak; I really do admire the strength of them all on their own, and appreciate that not much else is needed to justify a complete look when wearing them. I’d recommend pairing Inugak and Banquise with something of the simple variety, such as A.OK‘s Slub Tank Maxi in grey or this Surface to Air Crewneck Dress, if you’re fancy.
Photographs courtesy of Ellen Rogers


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