Those who know me,  know I am a hopeless Francophile. Mais oui. So I suppose it’s not surprising that I fell hard for the Paris-based label Rose La Biche (en anglais: Rose the Doe). It was actually over a year ago that I bought Coco, a seemingly simple black jersey top (with just the perfect amount of stretch) bearing an amazing ruffle appliqué that was so Parisian, I just had to purchase. To this day, I still get stopped when I wear it. Not to be trite, but Coco truly does possess that je ne sais quoi that will get you noticed… but not *too much. Remember, for the French, moderation is key…

Available on Etsy, all of these “elegant yet edgy basics” are hand-made in designer Lucy’s studio in Paris. What I love about the label’s aesthetic is that each piece is undeniably special yet highly practical; Rose La Biche perfects what is basic, rendering “everyday wearable” distinctly chic… and timeless Parisian chic at that. I know that I will have my Coco forever. Now, I just need to find her a friend with whom to grow old. Anemone… I have my eye on you.


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