While on a recent trip to Seaside, Florida (interestingly enough, the same place Jim Carrey filmed The Truman Show), I came upon the most precious gem: it’s called La vie est belle. The store that carries this piece seriously has the most amazing chic beach jewelry I have ever seen. The artist, Wendy Mignot, traveled the around world on a sailboat for many years, but finally decided to reside in Seaside… Why? In order to create this leather and pearl deliciousness, I would assume…

All of Mignot’s fabulous creations are handmade, and she also carries “shipwrecked” coins dating back as far as 76 B.C. (the store provides an authenticity certificate with each purchase), which will, without a doubt, have everyone inquiring about the back-story of your stunning piece. The prices of her pieces range anywhere from $185-$2,500, depending on the coin’s age and history. There’s just something about this combination of black Tahitian pearl, leather, and a 2,300 year-old piece of currency… ummm sign me up.


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