Anyone who remembers anything about the Baby-sitters Club recognizes the name Claudia Kishi as being synonymous with fashion forward style, creativity, and of course, junk food.

Dialing back to the late 80’s, I recall looking up to this fictitious teenager as if she were a cooler, older sister of my very own. And now that I’m getting to think about it, she was one of my first ever fashion muses too, and this was especially so during my days as a repressed Catholic school uniform-clad, saddle-shoed youth. In sum, Claudia, in all of her artistically distinct style, was clearly ahead of her time when it came to the dress-up game, and as it turns out, is still being recognized for her stylistic achievements to this very day.

In fact, I didn’t realize how widely regarded she was–or is, rather–as a fashion icon until I started wading through the internet in search of imagery to accompany this post. I guess I’ve been hiding under a rock for some time now since I’ve only just recently discovered this crazy thing–an entire blog dedicated to every outfit donned by the “Harajuku before Harajuku” fashionista (fittingly coined by Jezebel), and it’s actually been around for years now… uh, wow? If you are a Claudia fan this is definitely worth your investigating.

Did you also know that Claudia Kishi is on Twitter?! Actually, the entire club is all up on there, just in case you’ve been wondering what they’ve been up to post-BSC, or something.

Anyhoo, in dedication to the forever fabulous Miss Kishi, I present to you Claudia à la Kao. Happy shopping!

1. Elizabeth and James Laurent Shirt, $125
2. J. Crew Denim Vest, $88
3. A Common Thread Arrow Stone Necklace, $35
4. Kim Dulaney Raven and Snow Necklace, $68
5. Madewell Leggings, $67
6. Lucky Brand Elle Cowboy Bootie, $149



  1. Bill Chenevert

    I love it – she really does look like the epitome of blasé cool. I think she’s the just the kind of girl I’ll look for when I need a babysitter.

  2. ah i love her so much! claudia and stacey, style queens. i’ll STILL never be that cool

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