*Well, or not, if you want to opt for a cheap version of this look, which I really have yet to find. A bit odd, considering Chloé has been on top of this trend since fall 2009. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before these babies hit Forever 21 (and for the love of God, someone tell me if they already have!) but until then, let’s all drool together, shall we, over this delicious array of blanket sweaters now available at Neiman’s, Nordstorm, and Asos, among others. If I had to give a ballpark sum of what you’ll be spending, I’d say around $100.00 and upwards… but hey, at least you’re getting a lot of fabric for your dollar, gals! Actually, I did find this one and one other at Asos for more like $70.00, if that makes it any easier on you and your wallet…

Can we think of anything else that’s more comfortable or practical (imagine that) come this fall and winter season? […] Hmmm, drawing a blank here… no, I cannot! My ultimate pick, if I had all sorts of money? This one from Marc by Marc Jacobs (which is still kind of insanely expensive, ugh). I’ve already got about 40 outfits planned out in my head. Because basically, you can put these on top of anything you want. You could get lazy and just rock this + a basic black tank + statement necklace, in the middle of winter, and no one will be the wiser. Now that’s a score. Belt it if you’re feeling extra saucy!

Just remember: it’s a MUST to pair these up with tight-fitted pants (or what-have-you) on the bottom. My pick is the ultimate contrast piece to a loose top: the winter legging. Pull over your fave pair of black or brown boots, and you are officially riding into fall all cozy n’ comfortable. Now let me hear you say no to that.

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