Capes: they’re so hot right now. This is no big news. Some might call them cloaks… some might even deign to call them (incorrectly so) ponchos (kind of gross, right?). Whichever term you prefer, you’re looking for one and you’re looking for one that won’t cost you six trillion dollars. I understand, we’re in this together…

So here’s my thing with capes: if I buy one, I want it to at least keep me relatively warm. Because, let’s admit it, by default, a cape doesn’t really bundle you up, per say, for the great outdoors. This is the other reason I don’t really want to splurge; because I know that come February, and it’s zero degrees, I certainly won’t be reaching for a cape with an open front to face the elements. Sooooo, that means we’re looking for one that’s relatively warm and one that’s relatively cheap (at least under $100.00).

Badabing: this option from Asos is marked down to $87.00 and somehow manages to fully cover your torso. Score. And hay hay hay! This one from Topshop is a turtleneck cape! Betcha didn’t think of that one. Warm, and priced at an even $100.00. Not too shabby! Not down with turtlenecks? That’s cool, try this Knitted Boxy Cape in an fall-friendly amber color, also from Topshop. One more, one more: Asos also offers this baby, from French Connection, with a front ribbed waistband–intriguing! Why don’t you try one on for size? It’s marked down to $64.00 after all…

Whichever you end up choosing, take pride in the fact that, after your laborious hunt, you won’t be rocking just any ordinary cape. Get on with your bad self!


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