My head is spinning. I’ve looked at so much fashion over the past two weeks that even the mere thought of tabbing through another set of Paris Fashion Week photos is daunting. And yet, Yves Saint Laurent made the spinning stop, at least momentarily. What YSL succeeds in doing, which others fail to do, is really just… possessing a bit of gumption. I’ve seen so many tailored-yet-oversized-blazers paired with slouchy-yet-flowing-evening gowns that I have been compelled to just throw in the towel and wear simple black dresses next spring… out of pure revolt.  

Let’s face it, that look (OB+FEG) is just not going to cut it on about 75% of the population. So what does look good for next spring? YSL. And here’s why: each look is definitive. This spring, characterize your style with uncomplicated sensual pieces in silky and graceful fabrics: deeeeeep v-necks, knee-length skirts (you know you’ve missed them), slimming jumpsuits, tailored jackets (just a tiny bit longer than you might find them right now) that actually fit you, no matter your size, and ruffles in all the right places (i.e accentuating your bust or emphasizing movement at the hem). The most important thing to remember this spring? Have fun with your style but please, don’t compromise your intuition.


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