Do you live in Philadelphia? Do you like fashion? Well heck, come on down to Philadelphia Fashion Week, starting next Wednesday, October 6th at the 23rd St. Armory and mingle with like-minded compatriots whilst taking in some local and international designers’ creations. Don’t forget, there will be a bar! And shopping!** But what day should I go, you ask? Well, that is ultimately up to you, but allow me to provide a brief run-down of some of next week’s highlights…

Wednesday the 6th will be boasting goodies from Delicious Boutique and LolliePop (a label featuring pieces made of recycled materials, discarded garments and junked hardware—intrigued!), along with more eco-treasures courtesy of Arcadia Boutique and creations from Carmelita Couture (feminine, body-conscious designs), amongst others…

Thursday’s goings-on are extra-rowdy, including shows put on by local Girl Scouts (ahem) and Handwork Studio. I think you can surmise that Thursday is indeed School Night, thus no alcohol will be served, so make sure you take that into account before deciding which day to venture out. Other schools participating include Drexel University, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Moore College of Art and Design, the University of Delaware (making its PFW début!), and Philadelphia University, to be exact. I will say that last year I was witness to all of the college collections and I was quite impressed; so if you’re cool with staying sober, don’t sell student collections short… I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

Friday reverts back to adult fun with a Different Fur (forward-thinking menswear) and WeSC (short for WE ARE THE SUPERLATIVE CONSPIRACY), a Swedish brand. The audience will also be treated to pieces by NEUW (an independent denim label) and Farah, a smartly-styled Brit brand, which, some of you may recall, rose to fame amongst original hipsters of the 70s and 80s.

And finally, the crowning day of PFW, in my opinion, Saturday the 9th, featuring Marina Makaron Moscow’s gorgeous, vibrant prints and Cold Method’s sharp Euro-chic menswear pieces, along with shows from Autumlin (haute-couture hits Philadelphia!) and the British duo Bolongaro Trevor, who, interestingly enough, are the original founders of the cult retail chain All Saints. Finally, closing out the event we have shows from Allegri (Italian outerwear, straightoutta Florence), D-Exterior (more chic Italians!) Sand (Danish duds never disappoint!), and Nary Manivong (WWD deemed this budding brand radar-worthy—impressive!). If you don’t mind shelling out the extra cash for tickets, I’d say that Saturday is clearly the day to go…

Hope to see you all there!

Boutiques selling items on-site:
Christina V.
Delicious Boutique
Flurry Berry Designs
Get Porked
Matthew Izzo
Patrick Carrow
SFI (Sylvia’s Fashion Imports) Accessories
Tommi Lifestyle Boutique
Tracy Linn Jewelry

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