I’m really digging the “batwing” tops I’ve seen floating around lately, and at all price points too might I add. Some of these are really great transitional pieces to have as well, because they’ll keep you just warm enough when teamed up with a scarf on a crisp fall day. I saw this adorable rendition on Piperlime by Beyond Vintage, which is way out of my price range, but someone should buy it, because when that person matches it with dark skinny jeans and a red lip, she will simply be unstoppable.

Then, there’s my personal favorite, this grey cotton top from Asos. It appeals to me in that Alexander-Wang-respectful-knock-off kind of way… especially if you’re fantasizing about it rubbing up against a camel pant with a vintage brown belt. Oh yes. Even better: for a night out on the town, paired up with black skinnies and a sky-high pump. It’s all so perfect and effortless… not to mention, pretty comfy.


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